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Protective Medical Textiles

We offer our reusable protective medical textiles at Level 2 and Level 3 in multiple styles to ensure you have the PPE you need for every use. Our team can also help you customize a fabric to the needs of your healthcare system.


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Our Reusable Protective Medical Textiles can be used for:

Isolation Gowns | Scrubs | Drapes | Aprons | Surgical Gowns | Covers

Choose the Style that Fits your Team

Laundering Icon.png
Durable to Industrial Use and Laundering

Our protective fabrics stand up in the toughest environments and have been proven to withstand 75 washes, lasting longer and saving you more.

Lightweight Icon.png
Lightweight, Comfortable

Heavier doesn’t always mean more protective. Our lightweight, breathable fabrics protect the wearer while keeping them more comfortable.

Fluid Repellent Icon.png

Repels fluid and helps prevent fluid from seeping through the fabric.

Fluid Repellent, Hydrostatic Barrier
Non-Linting Icon.png

Eliminating lint eliminates airborne particulate contamination, a potential vector for infection. Plus, the fabric lasts longer, looks better and is less likely to irritate skin.

Static Control Icon.png
Static Control

Very important for preventing fires in the laundry and also helps manage static for the wearers.

Antimicrobal Icon.png
Antimicrobial to Reduce Bioburden

Antimicrobial finish helps reduce risk of infections like Staph. Aureus and E. coli.

Barrieri Icon.png
Barrier to Environmental Contamination

Reusable PPE can reduce medical waste by 80% and reduce environmental contamination.

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Made in the USA

A reliable, local, domestic supply chain can help prevent future shortages of PPE and provide greater transparency, quality and service.


Learn More About how Reusable Gowns can
Reduce Medical Waste by 80% and at the Same
Time Reduce Costs up to 50%

ANSI/AAMI PB70, Liquid Performance and Classification of Protective Apparel & Drapes in Health Care Facilities


Measures resistance of
fabrics to liquid penetration
of water by impact.


Measures resistance of
fabrics to liquid penetration
of water under constant
and increasing
hydrostatic pressure.

ASTM F1671

Measures resistance of
fabrics to bloodborne
pathogens using
viral penetration.

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